Importing Sales Receipts for Multiple Customers and Orders

I have a very small business and have a Takealot account that have so many sales that get paid out on a weekly basis. I can mass create the Customers, Inventory and Sales etc. I CAN NOT create the mass receipts from the invoices and to register the cost of sales

I would like to know if this is possible before I make a decision to move to your paid version or switch to SAGE, Brilliant etc,

If it is not possible, just a simple answer will be sufficient.

Here is your simple answer: every type of transaction in Manager can be entered via Batch Create.

Strange you did not focus on my question. As I requested no emotion just a simple answer… Guess you just demonstrated exactly what I wanted to avoid and you have made that very clear, such a pity (in all your posts hense my request) anyway just a simple answer is all I needed to figure this out or delve into another plan in this abyss.

No need to respond. Moving on…

On the contrary, you said you could not create mass transactions and asked if that was possible. I told you it is for every type of transaction. I don’t know what else you want to know.

Wish you well.