Importing heads

I would like to know is it possible to import some or all of the heads from one business to another ?

For example i have created new expense head as “DIRECTION” and few more heads related our business… I want same heads in other business too…

Sorry, it’s not possible to export Chart of Accounts and import into another entity. In future, I’ll add this but for the time being I’m afraid you will need to setup accounts for the second entity from scratch.

Now that Chart of Accounts has become so deliciously complex with nested Groups, Subtotals, and very flexible sorting options, it would be very nice to be able to export the Chart of Accounts to new, otherwise empty businesses. This would not only facilitate establishing separate accounting entities with similar account structures, but it would also make it easy to construct sandboxes and to share best-practice skeletons with others in the Manager community.

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If you have several other businesses to set up you can create a new business with a Chart of Accounts template and import the backup when you create a new business.

Dear @lubos, I also like to know that when you will implement this feature, export Chart of Accounts. Of course, we need this feature not only import to other entities as a pre-defined CoA set, but also reference Acount Name with Key in preparation/editing of creating/updating batch transaction data on spreadsheets.

This would ensure all business COA had identical UUID so a common spread sheet import would work, or am I missing something. I suppose you could not combine two COA but I’m not sure why you would want to do that.

For UUID you could try just adding .json to the summary page address (although as I’m not at my normal computer I can’t confirm this atm).