Importing from Quickbooks


I am looking to migrate from Windows to Ubuntu and from Quicken to Manager. However, I don’t really want to enter a couple of year’s back date manually. Is it possible to import data in, for instance, delimited text format?

Unable to enter any data

Currently, the program doesn’t contain any in-built importing facilities other than ability to import electronic bank statements.


Can it import contact data in for instance csv format ? I am not too worried if it gets a bit “nuts & bolts” but not being able to import at least this would be a deal breaker.


Depending on your version of Quicken, there is potential for you moving to Ubuntu, but still using Quicken, perhaps until such time as Manager has import capability added, or someone from the Manager support team agrees to assist you to import your data one time.


Thanks for the reply. Actually, I would not go down that route myself. It is almost certainly easier and much less bother to run Quicken under XP in a virtual machine on the Ubuntu box. I fact I already have this set-up on our Linux file server as an emergency measure should the office machine go down or in case of virus attack.


I thought of this possibility after I posted. This is a great solution as long as you still have the XP license.

For anyone else considering this option, please also be aware that Microsoft stop supporting Windows XP this April 8th.

This means no more security patches. We will no longer be able to download Microsoft Security Essentials (Microsoft’s own, free anti-virus software). This will leave your Windows XP computer vulnerable to attack and likely to be attacked! ‘Attack’ means that you could find your computer unable to boot, files corrupt, network compromised (any file servers on the network could be affected) plus other very nasty things are possible.

This applies to any Windows XP virtual machine instances that are connected to the internet. At a minimum, you must install a paid-for anti-virus solution, such as ESET NOD32 ( Even that is not adequate protection, as ESET are unable to patch Windows in the same way that Microsoft does.

Microsoft’s own advice:

They would have you upgrade to Windows 8.1, but so long as you upgrade to Windows 7 you will remain safe.


Anyone else had any luck finding a good way to move from QuickBooks? Intuit is such a pain with their every year updates and punitive capturing methodology of eliminating functionality to encourage more updating. I just want something that works and my business is too small to sweat all the bells and whistles. Also I think I moving it all over to Ubuntu.