Importing Bulk Exchange Rates

How to add bulk exchange rates? The template available at “Batch Create” is all blank.

When performing any batch functions in Manager, you should have at least one entry prior to any export. Otherwise, the export will not show you the required structure.

Thanks Tut, I have tried various formats to upload rates but none is working. Do you have any screenshot or guide in this regard?


Have you tried creating an exchange rate in Manager, then exporting it.
When you import it into a spreadsheet programme, you should then see a template of the required data format.

Yes I have tried downloading, however i see there is no option of uploading TSV file, instead system required to paste data in the box.

Use Batch Create button to upload

Is this feature working? I am trying to use Batch Create to upload exchange rates and everything seems to be working fine, but no exchange rates appear in the list.

The Batch Create feature does not automatically obtain exchange rates from anywhere. You must research the rates on your own and populate them in a spreadsheet for Batch Update in Manager. See this Guide:

On version 17.7.6 the template box for exchange rate Bulk Create does not contain any headings for a spreadsheet: Perhaps that is the problem @AVH is having:

That seems to be a bug.

@lubos, as there are no longer any batch operations possible for exchange rates, it does not seem logical to keep this topic in Bugs. Do you agree, or are there changes in the works that suggest keeping it in that category?

I’m working on making it easier to update exchange rates in bulk operation so let’s leave this in bugs category until the solution is delivered.

This issue should be resolved in the latest version (17.10.29)


The problem with Batch Create not having column headings has been resolved. There is a problem with Batch Update, though. I will start a new topic for that.