Exchange rate import

I would like to know if you plan to add a exchange rate import feature in your wonderful software ? I currently use it since 6 months, and work with 5 different currencies. 6 x 30 X 5 = 6305 rates to fill in the system. :frowning:
I think there is others in the same case. Simple CSV import will save us a lot of time already.

Thank you for your jobs and your continuous improvements.

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You are right, but do you actually have these exchange rates in spreadsheet format? I’m thinking ability to download exchange rates from the Internet would be easier, thoughts?

Yes, with Google spreadsheet, you can generate a whole sheet of exchange rates between 2 dates, using Google finances I guess. After what it is quite easy to put it on a CSV or xls format. I think the online solution is relevant, however seems more complicated to implement than a CSV import right? And probably web services limits the number of queries you can make on them, by using API key, and so on…

Will we have this feature any time soon?

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The problem downloading rate from the internet is, basically, the source. In some countries, for tax porpuses you have to use rates determined by a regulator (like central banks or other governmental entities) and most of the times these entities don’t have API or ability to connect to their server to get the rates. They do offer the ability to download database on CSV, XLS or TXT. In my opinion this would be the best option to adopt first.

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I have another question. I’ve four companies in Manager and in all of them use currencies. Is there any way to use exchange rates which was already made in one company to another without write it again manually?

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No. While you can export your exchange rates from Manager to a spreadsheet, you cannot import from a spreadsheet to Manager. This has been requested, but not implemented. If there were an import capability, you could export your exchange rates from one Manager business (or from an external source) and import them into another Manager business. Perhaps this feature will be added someday, but it’s not currently on the public roadmap.

Actually this is good idea. Ability to batch create or batch update exchange rates.


hi @lubos,

I noticed in the last release I installed, the option to batch Create/Update/Delete exchange rates. However, I tried to follow the instructions provided and I don’t see to make it work. :sweat:

I exported the template linked in the update option, but the file is blank.

Is this fully working already? Am I missing something?

Yeah, it’s still work in progress. I wonder whether it would be OK if exchange rates would be imported one rate per row.

So the spreadsheet would have look sort of like this:

That’s what I thought.

I agree. It’s the best way to do it, since most of the times you’ll get the data in that way from the servers. Therefore, users won’t need to do extra manipulation of data to import.

Or another example is the RBA Exchange Rates spreadsheet, where each column represents another currency (or index) versus the base currency (AUD)

Either way, this would be a very important feature to have if working with more than one business that has exposure to muliple currencies.

G’day ALL,

Hope i’m able to do a follow-up on the uploading Exchg rate function. I do realized that as long as there is a Curr rate on the particular day, the Sales / Purchases transaction will “revalue” and entered into “Foreign Exchg Gain/Loss”, Is this normal or necessary? As in accounting POV, exchg diff shall be based on transaction rate “Spot rate” (Same day) and providing a translation @ YE. But in Manager, it “translate” every day as long there is a Curr Rate.

Adding on, i having difficulty on using the Batches Create and Batches Updates function. Please provide your kind guidance to me on the upload function.

Hope to receive some kind advise on the above. Thanks!