Importing bank statements when bank supplies PDF files only

My bank only supplies digital bank statements in PDF form. I have access to the full Adobe suite of software but I am unable to export as a CSV that will successfully import to Manager. I have exported to Excel and then saved as a .csv file but when I try to upload it to Manager I get a message saying date column missing.
I googled for software to convert PDF to qif file type and I was able to upload the new qif file but the free software only allows me to up 10 lines.
Does anyone know of any free software that I can use to convert my full statement from PDF to qif?
Or is there a better format to use?

Perhaps a User who downloads and imports in .csv format could email (via Private Messenger) a copy of their file with just one transaction in it, so you can see the required template. Then you could massage the data in excel before saving to .csv

From users comments it seems .qif is the most trouble free format.

There is a company called ProperSoft that lets you download a free converter, the one I tried before that is limited to 10 lines only. This type of operation is simple and easy to use. However, they are asking $49.95USD for it and as I would be using it only 12 times a year it is hard to justify the outlay. but in saying that, with bank statements that range from 4 - 6 pages every month, retyping or manipl\ulating them is very time-consuming. Hopefully, there is a free full version of software out there somewhere that can do this?
If I find this free software I will share it as I am sure I am not the only one that suffers from this problem. I hope if anyone on this forum has already found such software, they will share it with us?

So 12 x 5 avg = 60 into $50 = 0.83c / pg, by year 2 - 0.415c /pg.
Compare that to the manual processing a statement page - very economical solution.

Yes, but it still requires an outlay of $49.95USD ($66.98AUD). With the amount of software I am already paying for and the number of times cases like this arise, it is always worth looking for free options.

I have same problem here. PLS fix this bug, or give us possibility we can put pdf file.

This is not a bug. Manager allows many data formats for input. PDFs are image files.