Bank reconcilliation

hello team ;
i asked for bank statement from my bank and given me in pdf format for reasons that their system only produce the statement in pdf format , but the system wont accept that format either,
how can l work around to get the statement loaded into the system for bank reconciliation ?

Most banks allow a range of transactions to be downloaded when viewing your transaction history online, not the actual statement that they issue periodically. If you need it to match the statement select the start & end dates relative to the statement when downloading the transaction history. Similar to this:

If your bank only offers PDF statements, you cannot use the import feature in Manager.

yes , from the system the import feature will not work , and that is my problem . So what cold be the work around for me to enable me carry out bank reconciliation ?
i will need to hear the experience of others to tackle the problem or at least the work around to solve this problem

You will have to enter the missing transactions manually when reconciling the bank account

with lot of transactions then updating it manually become error prone and source of many issues ahead, you mean you don’t know any other work around ?
what if i convert the pdf file into excel file ? will it work ?

if you convert the pdf to an Excel file, then yes, you can then use Excel to format the file properly and export a csv file for importing

Depending on the format of the data in the pdf file, the re-formatting in Excel may not require a lot of effort but a lot will depend on the format of the original pdf file

I am surprised that your bank only offers a pdf version

yes they offer only pdf file for security reasons , or as a standard they will not offer an edited version of a file even if you convince them to do so . The format of the pdf when converted into excel requires lot of work to do , that is why i don’t prefer that , it is almost close to manual work. I still believe there can be an easy way to do it apart from manually , or converting to excel . i will only do it as a solution of last resort

Why do you think there is an easier way?

The text will have to be checked and reformatted somehow and an automatic solution is not available

Can you view your bank transactions history list online? If so, just mouse copy & paste into a spreadsheet. Save as a CSV and import to Manager.


Why dont you just use an online file converter PDF to QIF . I had the same problem with some older statements. The converter worked just fine but i did have to clean it up a little after to import. Much easier than entering it all manually. I dont remember which one i used but it was free. The only limitation was it did about 10 transactions at a time.