Importing bank statement error

I have imported bank statement but;

  1. It show up withdrawal as receive and customer paid to me as spending.

  2. I dont get it even i’ve been reading all the suggestion in the forum, how to edit entry of withdrawal from bank to cash on hand?

you should create bank rules as per your bank statement.
read this guide Manager Cloud

Hi sharpdrivetek,

I made new bank rule just now, that is the GST and allocated to Bank Charges but it still doesnt show red as spending from bank.

Do i need to edit all that one by one and put negative (-) in the amount? That would be a year to finish :disappointed_relieved:

It would appear that the file from the bank is about face, you could discuss this with them or edit the file before importing it into manager

If the withdrawal is part of the imported bank statement you have two options
1 - Use a bank rule to post the imported bank transaction to a clearing account and for the Cash on hand do a Receive Money also using the clearing account so that they contra.
2) - Delete the imported bank transaction and in its place create an Inter Account Transfer.

Have you read this topic

Thanks. I may use the second method.

I know this an old thread but it is still an issue with some banks and financial institutions that the exported bank statement file has the values the wrong way round. Is it possible to add a “Reverse values when importing bank statement” checkbox to the bank account edit screen ? If checked then just multiply the values by -1 when importing.