Important number of products

First congrats for the great software, it’s clean and easy.

I am evaluating for two projects.

The first one that is related to ecommerce. I have several thousands products (> 30’000) and my first question is related to the scalability of the platform. I understand that the database is embedded, so the question is will it perform fine with several thousands products ? (also I will terribly need the api to load the products in the database …).

The other question is related to a company that has not so much products but several users. Is concurrency ok for let’s say ~10 users on the server edition. And will it take advantage of a multi-core server ?

Anyway congrats for the great work, I greatly appreciate the lightness of the UI so … please don’t bloat it to satisfy too many users :wink:

The REST api could help you keep features out of the core UI

It should be fine. If you experience slowness, then let me know. I’m pretty sure improvements can be always made to make Manager fast.

You can use batch operations to import inventory items. See: Manager Guides

10 users is no problem.

Thanks Lubos

I can certainly create the products and such via batch, but I will totally need the API so I can create orders and invoices from others applications.

Do you have any ETA on the REST API ? I can’t see it on the Roadmap.