Entering large quantities of data

I have a product of 1000+ varieties of different ingredients. If a customer buys 500 different product then how i manage my database and is the bulk amount calculation possible through this erp?

That is a very vague question

You can download a copy of the Desktop version, setup a Test business, enter different transactions and see if Manager meets your needs

Manager is not an erp but an accounting package.

ok. but my question is, is it ok with large amounts?

If you mean can it handle large numbers of entries and transactions then Yes. There is no limit.

I am not sure how you would enter a large number of transactions manually. There are features to batch create transactions but they may not be suitable for what you want to do as you have not said anything other than that you have “a product with 1000+ varieties” and you want to do a “bulk amount calculation” whatever that means

Manager is not a production control system and does not have features to automate bill of materials or work orders

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