Import of Cash transaction from Excel / Csv

We have three branches and the two branches are situated in a place, where we are not having any bank near by and hence all the expenses, sales and purchases are in Cash. We are recording the transactions in Excel and they send to our HO daily.
If we have the facility of importing of Cash transactions, it will help us to reduce the Work Load.
is it possible that you can help us, in this case.
Await your input in this regard.

Why not use the cloud edition and let the remote branches enter their own cash transactions? They are already doing the work of entering them in a spreadsheet. This way, the work would be done only once.

There are three issues. that we are facing:

  1. We have bought the Server version, not the cloud version.
  2. One of the location is not having internet access. Presently they are bringing the file in a USB to the other office to send to the HO.
  3. The staff, we are using are not accountants, as it is not that a developed area.

As the import function is already there for the bank transactions; the same function could be replicated for Cash transactions also. if you can provide the cash import also in the drop down function of Bank transactions.
It will be of great help for us.
We request you to consider the possibility.
it will increase the efficiency and add a very important feature as a whole, for the existing users and the new comers.
Thanking you

Then your branches can enter transactions just as with the cloud edition. But obviously, your problem is lack of internet access.

One possibility is to classify the cash account of the branch without access as a bank account. Structure their records in the same format as a bank statement. Then have the branch where they take the file import it. The easiest structure to duplicate would be CSV. However, the developer has said that CSV imports will be disallowed in the future because they cause so many problems. You could structure the file as a different type of allowable import, but that would be fairly tedious and probably not suitable for inexperienced staff members.

I do not believe you should hold out any hope for the ability to import statements to cash accounts. The developer has said the main difference between cash and bank accounts is that bank accounts allow imports. He has hinted of future changes, however, that will make them less alike than they are now. Before you joined the forum, both bank and cash accounts were in the same tab. They were separated so development could proceed in different directions.