IMPORT defaulting to Auto Category

I’m having trouble importing transactions from a credit card account.

The transactions import ok (via Quicken qif format), but instead of listing them in a suspense account for category and payee allocation, it dumps them into the first available alphabetic category- in my case Auto.
I think this is maybe because Manager is placing the Payee information into its Description field, and assumes the Payee field to be Blank.

Go to Settings, then Bank Rules. Are you sure you don’t have any bank rules set? I suspect bank rules are automatically categorizing all your transactions to an account.

Sorry, are you suggesting that the Bank Rule Tool is not supposed to be used? It works ok for some but not all import formats, as is the case with my problem.

I could understand it if I had a rule capturing everything ( say a wild card), with instructions to place in Auto but that simply isn’t the case.

This is a parsing error.

You can use bank rules, I just thought you weren’t aware of that. If there is a bug with bank rules, I will fix it but first I need to able to reproduce the issue.

If you could send your accounting file to plus what you are importing to demonstrate this issue, I will be looking into it promptly.