Import Data

Hi, can data from reckon be imported?

yes and no.

Data can be imported into a new Manager business. All programs use different data structures so this involves time / money and requires some computing skills. Doing so involves sequentially populating each of the database tables in Manager using Batch create. To maintain the links between tables you will need to do a subsequent “Batch update” to find the key assigned to each record you create, the key is then used to link to other tables. Assigning the key (a GUID) to records in other tables will require a database lookup in and external data base (eg a spreadsheet).
See Batch Operations: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions

The official answer is no, you don’t really need to do that. Just start an new period with your new accounting system and leave the old accounting system as it is for old data.
See Starting Balances: Enter starting balances

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Thanks, I was hoping the answer was going to be positive But such is life