Import data from Tally

Any possibility to import from Tally to Manager in this new release?

Import what and why?

There are various possibilities but without knowing what you are trying to achieve it is impossible to suggest anything useful

I meant the import of data or history

Again what exactly is the business case ?

Please explain what you are hoping to achieve - what business is using Tally?

Tally is a Accounting Software (very famous in India ). In my Opinion @glowhite Wants to import Data from tally to Manager. @Joe91

@glowhite Tally is Created in their Proprietary Language Called as “Tally Definition Language(T.D.L)”.So,There is Very less Chance That Manager API Can Interect With Tally.

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You can import data using batch create, APIs, etc

Whether it is worth the effort depends on what exactly you are trying to do

You will find it very difficult and costly to import years of data from another system

I was trying to find out what exactly glowhite wants to achieve - I await a reply …

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The official answer is; you don’t need to do that, just retain a read only copy of your old records for past periods. For future periods only transfer the starting balances from the end of the last period. See
Starting Balances: Enter starting balances | Fix starting balances

The more complete answer is, not as an automated process. It can be done but requires some computer skills. How much is actually done depends on the value a business places on having historical data in their new accounting system. How hard it is to do depends on what data is available on the old system and what you actually need to transfer across.You will need some computing / data manipulation skills or willing to finance someone with the skills to do this.

If you want to pursue importing data from you old computer system, then start by entering some data of each type manually into Manager. Both to see how time consuming it would be just to finish it this way and to help understand any automated method.

Next read the guide Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions. You will need to look at your already entered data with batch update to understand the required format.

Then import data without dependencies first, just as when you enter the data manually, it has to be done in the same order. This post is a little old by should give you an idea of what is involved How to batch import in manager - #11 by Patch


Thank you! I will see what I can do. It doesn’t look to complex and I do understand templates and manipulating data into the right columns. So I just might be able to get it to work!!

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of doing this. There is no documentation to rely on except the Guide on batch operations, which were not designed with this in mind. And @Patch is exceptionally experienced with Manager and very knowledgeable in IT.

Personally, I consider myself a power spreadsheet user and have been using Manager for almost a decade, but would not attempt it with a real business.

It’s worth trying imo.

You can always change the goal post to something more conservative later is that becomes sensible.

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