Import Data from Sage Line50

I have been using Manager for last 5 years and Now I want to bring my oldest Client from Sage Line50 in middle of his Financial Year.
Need to import - Bank - Ledgers of Sales - Purchase - Nominal. I can see in the guide details for importing invoices for sales and purchases, Transaction for Bank. But I cannot see if its possible to import transactions of nominal [general] ledger accounts. Can this be done or will have to wait till the end of financial year when the ledgers have been closed.
many thanks in advance.

The usual way to move from one accounting system to another is to enter the closing balances from the old system at a date as opening balances in the new system and start from the same date.

It is very difficult to carry over transactions from a financial year that is ongoing. I would suggest you either wait till the year end or look at importing or reentering all transactions since the beginning of the year.

I am not sure what you mean by transaction in nominal ledger accounts. Manager is designed so that there is hardly any need to use journal entries

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You can use batch operations in most tabs. See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager. Your problem in doing so, however, will be obtaining the requisite data, since the content and structure of the two accounting databases will not match. Seldom do companies migrate their historical transactions when switching systems.

Be aware that the purpose of entering pre-start-date invoices is merely to establish the current balance of Accounts receivable and Accounts payable. Read:

This may help

It can be done. How much is actually done depends on the value a business places on having historical data in their new accounting system. How hard it is to do depends on what data is available on the old system and what you actually need to transfer across.

As for general ledger, my understanding is that’s a summary of all transactions. You will need to transfer/enter the data into the appropriate tab/database table in Manager. After which it will be include in the general reports in Manger

The easiest is to only transfer the starting balances from the end of the last financial year. And continue to use the old system for details on the old data. In practice users choose a start date, the real question is how much overlap is used between accounting systems.