Import bank statements Dutch ABNAMRO in MT940 format

Hi. I try to import the file in MT940 format from my Dutch ABNAmro Bank. I got the file from the bank with the extensionname: MT940************.STA. When I want to import into Manager the program is closing with the error: HTTP error 500 internal serverfault

What is wrong?
Thanks for the answer/solution

To begin, *.940 and *.sta are two different extensions. The file name implies that it is in the MT940 format, but the extension does not match that. If your bank believes they are the same thing, they may have mixed format of one with the extension of the other when building the export file. You will need to look up the format of *.sta statements and compare that to what you got from the bank using a text editor.

You also need to be certain the date formats used in the export match those in your preferences.