Import attachments

Is there a possibility to import multiple files into folder at once?


No? The Guide indicates:

This works well in W10 Desktop v20.8.67

In the linux server v21.11.33 this doesn’t work as the attachments are each individually opened in a separate browser window but this might well be a browser thingy.

At least on a Mac, you can only drag and drop one attachment at a time. If you try more than one, all are rejected. The dragging and dropping of a single attachment should work in any edition and on any operating system. Other behavior seems to be outside control of Manager.

the drag and drop method does not work for me. it just opens the file in the default application.
Desktop v21.11.20 Windows 10 x64

Thank you for the reply. Is it possible to implement this option? Saves a lot of actions.

I seriously doubt it could be implemented. You have had only three responses, all indicating different experiences due to operating system and browser variation. The program cannot control those things.

In my experience the attachment must be dragged onto the attachment button not the attachment form. In the past dragging it onto the form worked but that now opens the document.

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yes this works. but not for multiple files anyway.