Batch Download Attachments

The downloading of attachments can be made more efficient and straightforward through the implementation of a Batch Operation feature.

The downloaded zip file should contain folders labelled with transaction reference numbers or Record names (e.g. Suppliers, Customers, Inventory) and within these folders the attachments associated with these transactions or master records. The Batch download Attachments button can be added to the buttons found at the bottom of screens.

Date range specification could be added to the process for transactions or dated documents.


Why is this important?

  1. Saves time. Users can just attach documents and Manager will provide organised files.
  2. Will be very useful in financial and tax audits where Attachments are requested.
  3. Boosts the appeal of Manager accounting software’s cloud storage functionality.
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Although I fully support the idea, this would require @Lubos to re-instate a PDF or whatever file processor as the now obsolete PDF converter. At the moment Manager generates views that the user can print to PDF or straight using the systems of the user rather than building it into Manager.

@Lubos once indicated he is not willing to pay a premium (per user!) for a maybe more suitable converter so I have little hope this will be implemented however, useful the idea.

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Since the pdf generator was removed, I can no longer read pdf attachments. That’s really awkward. I now see that I need this version But I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can download it or does anyone still have it ? Thanks in advance

No, it was not. As has been mentioned already in several posts, you can enable the internal PDF generator in Settings > Obsolete Features.

Then I guess you haven’t associated PDF files to the PDF reader on your PC.

Manager does not open or read PDF attachments. It only stores them. Any trouble reading them is an operating system or PDF reader problem on your end.

Maar voorheen kon ik de pdf opslaan in het programma maar ook nadien weer openen. Hoe kan dat dan?

Ik heb nu wel windows 11 en voorheen 10.
Is het dan zo dat dit programma niet helemaal correspondeert met windows 11?

ik hoor het graag van je

Translated to English:

“But previously, I could save the PDF in the program and also reopen it later. How is that possible? I now have Windows 11, and previously 10. Is it the case that this program doesn’t fully correspond with Windows 11? I’d like to hear from you.”

This forum is English only!

And I already gave you the answer in my previous post:

BTW, your question has nothing to do with batch downloading attachment so maybe @Abeiku could move it to a new post?