Importing inventory items from csv files

I’m using Manager Desktop and I cannot find the “Import” button you referred to as being on the New Inventory Item screen. I’m trying to prepare to import a list of about 2000 inventory items from Quickbooks (I have the CSV file).

Look for batch operations. See: Manager Cloud

Ok, thank you. Will have to do some major cutting of fields, or is there a way of adding a custom field (or fields) to the “New Inventory Item” screen?

For the “Inactive” column, what type of info is it looking for? In that field, Quickbooks has either “Active” or “Not-active” on each line. Do I need to remove the word “Active” for each relevant item?

Same question for “Has Starting Balance” column - what is it looking for to make it activate that box?

What is the maximum number of characters allowed for each field?

I’m thinking maybe I can put the Manufacturer’s SKU under “Code”, put our code under “Name” and then one of our Descriptions in the Description column. Quickbooks gives separate descriptions for the Purchase function and the Sales function.

Going to bed now, will play with this some more tomorrow. Thanks for your ongoing hard work. I love importing the bank statements!

I don’t have an import button or batch choices either. What can I do please? Do I need to update my software?

You need to have created at least one item before the batch buttons will appear.

Yes, thank you, that helps but didn’t show an ‘import’ button. Is there another step?

Batch Create button = Import button