Image doesn't show on e-mail

When i go to the e-mails tab in manager and open an e-mail the image i included in the body of the e-mail does not show anymore. In the send e-mails i receive in my e-mail client there the image show’s normal as usually.


<img style=“margin-bottom:20px” src=“”

what edition of Manager are you using?
if you are using the desktop edition, i do not think Manager would connect to the internet to display images from a weblink. i am not sure of this.

I’m using desktop version 18.3.18 and it always worked until now.

is the image source publicly accessible? i just tried to open the link you had provided and it gives 404 error. or did you just provide an example with a dummy link?

It was a dummy link. I have changed the url to and now it works for the newly send emails but the older emails don’t show the logo anymore. For now the problem is solved.

Follow up: the image did not show up due to an incorrect setting in the hosting webserver where the image is stored. It had nothing to do with Manager.

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