Ideas: Custom Report : export criteira

Is this possible to add export criteria from custom report
some reports, we need to apply in other business

You can copy custom reports to the clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet. The result is generally superior to an export, because you retain more of the formatting. The Export function for reports is really unnecessary since the Copy to clipboard button was added several months ago.

Or are you referring to exporting the report definition itself? If that is what you mean, that probably cannot happen. Custom reports may include query parameters that are unique to a business, such as custom fields, and may differ when tabs are enabled or disabled. Unless the two businesses are identical, a custom report defined in one business would not work in another. So having the ability to copy a custom report definition from one business into another would very easily lead to problems.

exporting the report definition for standard features

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I hope you can understand that allowing report definitions to be exported would mean that all such definitions could be exported, not just those with what you call “standard features.” As I mentioned, usable parameters for custom reports change as tabs are enabled or disabled. So, even without any custom fields, a report might not work in a business it was not created for.

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