Idea for other payee list

I can create customers and suppliers, and they show up in the payee dropdown according to their type, but it would be nice to also have a way to control an “Other Payee” list.

For example: We make purchases from a parts company quite a lot, and they are listed as a supplier.

We also make gas purchases at various convenient stores that we have no other interaction with other than cash purchases. Although they technically do supply us with gas for our vehicles, we list them as Other Payee so they do not fill up our Suppliers list.

Would it be possible to add an “Other Payee” list in addition to the Customers and Suppliers?
This would make data entry easier in our case, and it would add consistency in naming.

This is not possible. Customers and suppliers are actually subsidiary ledgers under Accounts receivable and Accounts payable, respectively. There is no such asset or liability control account under which other payers or payees could be created.

Besides, the work of setting a payee up under some kind of Other Payees list would be no different from what is involved in setting up a Supplier. The only difference is that your list would be broken into two separate lists, which would probably make things more difficult. There is no limit to how long your supplier list can be.

Other payers/payees are not currently covered by the auto-complete function, which is what you were referring to in your post. If they were, there would be no reason for a list. Your problem would be solved. This bug is the subject of another topic: Autocomplete for payer / payee missing.

Why have an Other Payee option then?

For exactly the situation you described: the desire to pay someone without first creating them as a supplier. The Other category represents what you are used to. Customers and Suppliers were additions. But in the process of adding them, the auto-complete for Other disappeared.

Create generic suppliers

  • Gas station
  • Convenience store

Or a generic supplier for s chain a stores such as

  • Walmart

Or if you don’t need that much detail

  • Cash supplier

Doing so will enable subsequent reporting at that level and ensures accurate classification of sales/ purchases.

  • For compatibility with old data.

  • To enter barter transactions or similar where there is a different supplier/customer per line item so must be specified at that level not the transaction level.

Not good practice in my opinion.

That depends on your location (for tax law compliance) and nature of your business. For many users, customers, suppliers, sales invoices, and purchase invoices are entirely unnecessary. For others, they are essential.