I need clarifications on inventory quantity summaryrill down report

Hello everyone, I have a question about the inventory quantity summary report that I’ve been using. It’s a bit unclear to me, and I’m looking for some clarification. In the past, this report only displayed items that were sold based on the issued invoices. However, I’ve noticed a change. Now, the report also includes both positive and negative values from delivery notes. This has made the report more confusing to interpret. Is it possible to revert to the previous format where only items from issued invoices were shown? It would be much easier for me to understand that way. See example reports attached for an item called CASTLE LITE Thank you!

That is not true. Columns on the report have long (probably always, but I have no way to verify that) depended on context. For example, if you have no credit notes during the reporting period, that column is suppressed. But anything that affects the quantity of displayed items is included, whether positive or negative. So, purchases, sales, credit and debit notes, production orders, and inventory writeoffs will all be shown if they are present.

Why would you want to do this? Such a report would not convey actual quantity movements, and would produce erroneous closing balances.

Of course, I understand. Let me restate my problem. So, when I click on the sales number for a specific item, like the 208 units of Castle Lite, I’m used to seeing a breakdown of what exactly was sold. In the past, this breakdown only showed me the items that were sold based on the sales invoices. However, I’ve noticed that the report now includes both negative and positive numbers from the delivery notes. So, it’s not just about items that were officially sold; it also takes into account things like returns or additional items that were received according to the delivery notes. The report I’ve attached is basically an example of what I’m talking about – it’s what I see when I click on the sold units of Castle Lite. I hope this clears things up!

You need to show the entire screen in your screenshot, specifically including the breadcrumbs at the top so we know what we’re looking at. This could be many things.

This is a report I am talking about

This is expected behaviour see guide at Create delivery notes | Manager

More specifically:

Delivery notes are completely optional. Without them, that is, when the Delivery Notes tab is not enabled, delivery of goods is assumed to occur as soon as the sales invoice or receipt is created. When the tab is enabled, however, delivery notes separate the financial and quantitative aspects of a sale from one another.


Customer is a predefined customer from the Customers tab. Delivery notes cannot be created for “walk-in” buyers

So for the Castle Lite item you have indicated delivery notes and moreover did not select customer. Please read the guide carefully as I only highlighted few points and there are more for you to understand.