Inventory quantity by location report

hello admins!

i just noticed that the TOTAL in the inventory quantity by location report reflects the total of QUANTITY ON HAND. upon looking at the inventory items tabs, there are colums such as quantity on hand, quantity to deliver and quantity owned…in which i conclude the report shows in the TOTAL is the amount in the column of qantity on hand, and i think, what it should reflect is the QUANTITY OWNED.

using version 19.6.82

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Inventory quantity by location report will not show the Qty Owned because not all inventory locations are necessarily owned by the business. So it is practical to show the Qty on hand.

i believe inventory quantity by location shows the summary of inventories on floor regardless of where the inventories being stored in.

my concern about it, i rely on inventory qty by location to account inventories on floor, but since it only reflects what i have purchased and do not reflect what have been sold, i feel bloody to go through the inventory items tabs to see whats really left on floor. you can do that sir by looking at inventory items tabs, where u can see there the following columns
qty on hand
qty to deliver
qty owned
if u look closely, u will then see that the qty owned is the difference of qty on hand and qty to deliver, i i think qty on hand is what u have purchased, and qty to deliver is what u have sold, and qty owned is whats left on floor.

aside from the thing u saying about not necessarily accounting inventories, you maybe referring to non inventory items, that u can sold but u dont have to account. that is different from my concern.

@roger3820, it sounds like you may be confusing what the various columns mean. It is also not clear from what you wrote whether you are actually using the Delivery Notes and Goods Receipts tabs, but you have at least the Delivery Notes tab enabled, when maybe you should not. Be sure you have understood the three-part series of Guides beginning here:

hello tut, i just sent the pic of my concern, if u could see in the report. the item with code RC1046 has 1075 balance, while in the inventory item tab shows 0 in the qty owned.

before what reflects in the report is the net running balance of the item which is the qty owned.

i hope this would clear my concern.

thank you!

As I said previously, you are misinterpreting the various categories. The behavior of the program changes depending on what inventory-related tabs you have enabled. Since you have Delivery Notes enabled, but not Goods Receipts, the Qty on hand column is what is physically present—so far as Manager knows. Without Goods Receipts being enabled, the program assumes instant receipt of goods whenever you purchase them.

The Inventory Quantity by Location report tabulates goods physically present. You have the Delivery Notes tab enabled, so the program assumes nothing leaves the business until a delivery note is created. That is why you have such large quantities in the Qty to deliver column. Based on what you have recorded, you are selling things but not delivering them.

Qty owned is not what is left on the warehouse floor. It is the count of unobligated goods in all locations. In the case of item RC1046, you have none. You have sold everything you have purchased or manufactured, but not recorded delivery of any of it.

As I said before, if you are not going to use delivery notes, you should disable that tab. All this is explained in the Guide series I linked to. It sounds like you did not read the three Guides.

great help tuts, thanks so much.