I just created a Manager.io API Library for PHP

Hey guys please check my https://github.com/kennethmervin01/managerio
I create an API library for PHP. Hope this will help :smiley:

You can add customer to you manager.io by just passing an array to Customer class

$customer = new Managerio\Customer();
$customer_data = array(
    "Name" => "Bruce Wayne XXIX", // Full Name of the Customer
    "BillingAddress" => "Gotham", // Full Billing Address
    "Email" =>  "baty4@gmail.com", // Email 
    "BusinessIdentifier" =>  "001 001 511", // Business Identifier (TIN,TAX ID , etc)
    "StartingBalanceType" => "Credit" // Default Value of Manager.io

 * Add Customer
 * It will return the new json link of the new customer in Manager.io.  
 * You can save it to your database  so you can have a connection between manager.io and your current app.      
$new_customer = $customer->addCustomer($customer_data); 
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