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Please i am an accountant using the cloud edition to sell manager software to clients. One of my clients has asked for API for them to integrate to their system. I have seen the API code but i really dont know much about it. Should i release it to them. Kindly advise me.

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The current API is undocumented and not really recommended to use. New API should be released next month.


I’m really looking forward to seeing this, @lubos. Once we get our books transferred and working well, we want to move the cloud to automate as much of our bookkeeping as possible, so I’m really glad to hear that there’s a new API coming (and hopefully some documentation as well).

Does the new API gives access to the database dump?

@lubos is the new API ready?
By the way, I love Manager.io

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New API is already part of Manager. I’m in the process of writing some sample plugins to demonstrate its capabilities. I’m pretty sure this month I will be able to wrap it all up and show what I’ve been working on.

The reason for delay is that initially I was planning to introduce traditional API but in the end I changed my mind and ended up working on plugin architecture which will allow you to write .NET code which can run directly in Manager.


Great idea @lubos, how about the access to the database?

Yes, obviously the full access to all data is part of the plugin package.


Waiting impatiently to know all the details

Hi @lubos,

any update?

Hi @lubos any updates???

The APIs are currently “work in progress”. When they will be functional I’ll publish a tutorial on how to do same BI reporting.

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Any update on API availability?

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I am trying to add customer using API but I can’t add it’s return error like “SyntaxError: Unexpected token S in JSON at position 0” can you please help me.

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You will need to employ a local programmer to do that for you or at least scope the task. You do not have the required skills to do it yourself.

  • Questions are more important than answers.

  • You have not looked on the forum Search results for 'api' - Manager Forum

  • Seriously do you really expect someone to teleport into your office, see what you are trying to do and debug your code.

Does API available for dosktop version too?

Is JSON you are posting valid JSON? Check https://jsonlint.com or similar site to make sure you are posting valid data.

Yes it does but you will need to launch server edition to set password since it’s not possible to login with empty password. I will be adding some mechanism to set up API users across all editions.