Added API to allow integration with 3rd-party apps

I just downloaded the latest version(15.2.3) of manager to see what this feature is all about. I cannot see anything new added. Is this something more for programmers? what does this api do?

It’s for programmers. Documentation how to use API will be covered in guides in upcoming days.

I was waiting for it @lubos
Thanks for this ability in Manager.

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At the moment, only .NET library is provided.

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My programmer ask about database and document of the .net api and library provided by you,
Wondering if you have complete the document , great if you can email me the relevant doc so that iwe can immediate start cloud or server edition. Thks

Manager API using .NET library provided above has been depreciated.

The new way is to simply navigate to /objects which will give you access to data in JSON format. So no .NET library is needed and interaction is possible from any programming language.

For example, if your server is running on http://localhost:8080 then JSON API is available at http://localhost:8080/objects

Is there an example on how to manipulatie the data trough this new methode?

Does it work with manager cloud?


I installed the server trial edition. when I run the server, And go to
I get an error.

My programmer know json, but can you give the index of what you have? For example,- 1, callcus = call customer 2, worker = empoyee name,3, workernum = worker ID… Thks bro

@PCRaamsdonksveer, is this happening after you tried to enter your username/password when navigating to ?

@lubos Just to give jou some background info.

The data file used. Comes from the local installation.
It did not have a “password” so I went to, loged in with administrator and empty password. Went to got the error.
So I figured it could be because I have no password. So I added a password. go to log in with pass. go to , still get the error.
I then updated the local manager installation. and downloaded the server edition again hoping that it was due to a corrupt manager file because of version differences between local and server, This also did not help.

Right now I tested to start the server and go immediately to, I get a browser pop-up. asking to login I try the username and password which works when I login at

But unfortunately it keeps popping up.
I tested it on chrome and firefox. Still can’t get passed the login pop-up. ’

EDIT: I just reread your question, and it seems I did not get it in the first place. To answer it: Yes, I go to get a pop-up. Fill in the username and password in the chrome pop-up and then get the error.

Any other ideas?

But you seem to get the error in the ManagerServer.exe console. What does web-browser show?

When I tried to play with the API I also got this error. I solved it by making a new user with username API en password API. That worked. When I tried to log in with the Administrator account and no password the error showed up.

The browser does not generate any error.

The server process just dies:

@patrickdewit Thank you for your contribution, I tried adding a new user, with administrator rights and one with only rights for 1 company.But, Unfortunately I still get the error…

EDIT: I have tried the linux version on digital ocean. Still get an error… I either do something wrong. or it’s cross platform. Which would be very unlikely i think.

OK, it turned out default administrator username wasn’t supported. Fixed in the latest version (16.1.79)

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Thankyou, But I have still a qeustion regarding how to use the JSON. There is no information on how to use it.

I understand the data structure of json. Which is very straightforeward.
But how would you apply changes to create a new customer for example.

You have to add a new customer object:

      "Name" : "",
      "BillingAddress" : "",
      "Email" : "",
      "Telephone" : "",
      "Fax" : "",
      "Mobile" : "",
      "Notes" : "",
      "BusinessIdentifier" : "",
      "StartingBalance" : 0,
      "CustomFields" : null,
      "Code" : "",
      "Currency" : null,
      "Inactive" : false,
      "CreditLimit" : null,
      "HasStartingBalance" : false,
      "StartingBalanceType" : "Credit",
      "Obsolete_SouthAfrica_VAT_Number" : "",
      "Obsolete_Philippines_TIN_Number" : "",
      "Key" : "fmBlsEmrCUGXk9wkgx1tfQ=="

but how do you do that exactly? Sending some POST method?
And what is the “key” value and how to generate one.

Only GET method is supported at the moment. I’m going to add POST, PUT and DELETE methods so you can manipulate with data too.

Just one thing. As you can see, the data structure is quite messy and has a lot of baggage from the past. I need to go through each object and make sure only attributes which are actually in-use are visible. This sanitizing process will take a few months but will add POST, PUT and DELETE much sooner. Possibly still this month.

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Great! thank you and good luck with the development.