I can not see this account in the balance sheet what am I doing wrong

I set up my account in settings → chart of accounts → new account → under libilities

and this is where I have bought in the loan and there are no other entries for that account

this is my balance sheet I can not see the account

The ute loan was for the year before

You have not shown the dates for your balance sheet. What date is it set for? The balance sheet will only list an account if it has a balance in any of the columns.

I also notice the journal entry is more than a year old. Is that a typo?

No not a typo in date am working with the previous year
I did a general Ledger Transactions report and found no other entries for that account BUT then I did a general Ledger summary and found another entry to that account and that explained why. every other search I did I could not find it even scrolled through the 5000 bank and journal entries I must of missed it some where.
I thought I had set the account up wrong because it showed in assets etc but not in liabilities.
But thanks for your help.