Loan receipt in liabilities

I am trying to record a loan I received, but I can’t find the Liabilities accounts when I try to make the receipt, all other accounts show.

You need to create a liability account specifically for the loan you received, see guides on building a chart of accounts - Build a chart of accounts | Manager

I already have the account created, but it does not come up when I try to select.

When you try to select what?

It would be much easier to help if you show screen images of the transaction you are trying to make along with edit screen for the loan account

You need to show the edit screen for Loans - whatever it is - a group, a control account, an account, a special account

you have created a Control account for your Bank Accounts.
read the guide in detail @tony linked to earlier.

Control Accounts and Chart of Accounts are two different things under Settings.

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ohhh okay… thanks a lot. sorry!