Hyperlink on Invoice in Tax Report -> Link to View of Invoice

Hi There

I really like the Tax Report but would suggest a slight change in the Hyperlink

When I click on the Invoice Details, I expect it to open the Invoice in View Format but it opens in the Edit Format.
Therefore I am unable to verify the Tax Amount as the Invoice in Edit Format doesn’t show the Tax Amount
I then have to click on Update to View the Invoice. After that I need to click Back 2 Times to get to the Report.

But typically from the Tax Report I would click on the Link and View the Invoice and then Click back to go back to the Tax Report.


First, the figure you are clicking is not “Invoice Details.” You are drilling down on the Total Sales amount, which is best viewed in Edit mode, because that screen shows what contributes to the total sales.

Second, you don’t need to drill down to see the tax amount, because it is listed under the Tax Collected column of the report. The View mode of the relevant transaction shows no more detail than the report, only the total tax. If you want to know what tax code was applied to individual lines of the invoice, that information is shown on the Edit screen. So going to the Edit screen is the quickest way to be able to both view detailed information and make changes, if necessary.

Thanks Tut for your reply

I thot Drilling Down on Total Sales would mean Invoice Details. Anyways Edit Mode doesn’t show the Tax Value but shows only the Tax Code whereas the Invoice View has more details. Therefore as an Accountant I wouldn’t want to open the Invoice in Edit Model and then take a Physical Calculator in my hand to calculate the Tax Components based on the Tax Code.

Many a times we need to drill down to the Tax Amount for our Tax Returns as we need to fill in the breakup of the Tax Code, I am sure that’s why Manager also allows Multi Tax Code grouping. Otherwise you could stick to Single Tax Code.

Edit is just an Option. I wouldn’t jump from Reports to Edit, from Report you always tend to look at it in a View Mode and then decide to Edit if required.

Its your perception that Edit Mode has more details than the View Mode. May be because you are good we calculations. The View Mode definitely has more details than the Edit Mode coz it also shows me the Break Of the Tax Code along with its Calculated Tax Amount.

This was just a suggested workflow.

The invoice view shows only the tax code that has been applied to a line, not the tax amount. The only tax amount shown on an invoice is the total of each tax component that may have been used. If only one was used, only the total of that tax will be shown. So I don’t see what else you gain by looking at the invoice that wasn’t available looking at the Tax Transactions report and the drill-down to the Edit screen.

Nor would I. But I would trust the arithmetic in the program over my own calculation.

That’s what the Tax Summary gives you.

Why do that when there is more information on the Edit screen than the View screen. For example, the View screen won’t even show you accounts to which line items have been posted.