Clickable VAT return

I have filled in my VAT returns and submitted them since 2013. When I now look at what I submitted it’s quite different to what Manager now calculates for the same period which I don’t understand. What’s the best way in finding out what transactions the VAT report is using?

It would be nice if the various figures were clickable so see where they came from.

More information is required. But the only thing that comes to mind as I encountered the same issue is that I use Cash basis for my VAT return, but the summary page was set to accrual basis so the VAT amount differed. Not sure what your exact problem is as you don’t provide enough information but perhaps it could be one of cash basis versus accrual or it could be set date!

Thanks for your reply @dalacor. My actual question is how I can work backwards from the VAT report and find all the transactions that make up the value it calculates.

As an aside it would be very nice to be able to click on the values in the report which opens up the possibility of drilling down.

Your cash/accrual issue is a very valid one, although not relevant in my case.

I see. Now I get what you are after. Ok I am not the best person to ask about how to accomplish that as I have never done it before, but what I think you need to do is the following:

You go to reports, tax transactions and then you select for the period that you want to view the transactions for.

Unfortunately you cannot drill down in that report.

Maybe the tax summary report would work better for you as it does allow you to drill down and provides more information than the tax transactions report. I think that you would need to try each report because it really depends on what exact information you wish to obtain from the report.

VAT return report is taking figures straight from Tax Summary report and this report is clickable.

Thank you. That’s good to know. Can I suggest a product improvement?

You open up the Tax summary and click on the Net Sales or Net Purchases figure. This lists all the transactions and (for purchases) in order to drill down further you look in the description field and it says “Automatic payment using available credit - Purchase Invoice #170”. You now have to go out of this screen, into Purchase Invoices and look for Invoice 170. It would be great if that invoice was a clickable entity in the description field.