Hyperlink not working

I use hundreds of hyperlinks to local PDF files in custom fields like this:
[D:\Dropbox\Mijn bedrijf\Belasting 2020.pdf" target="_blank"><img src="D:\Google Drive\Pdf.png)
This was never a problem, but after installing the latest version they don’t work anymore.
I hope anyone can give me a solution.

Can you give more details what exactly has changed? It’s best if you demonstrate using screenshots. “Not working” can mean a lot of things.

Thanks for the response.
By “not working” I mean that when I click on such hyperlink, nothing happens instead of opening a PDF file with Acrobat Reader.
When I change such hyperlink to a URL, then the hyperlink is working.
The installing of the latest version of Manager was without any problem, but when I started Manager for the first time, there was a warning that said that my computer needed to install Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime. Maybe my problem has something to do with this?