HTML templates for credit notes and journal entries


I would like to be able to use a template for credit notes and journal entries just like sale invoices. Our work involves lots of product returns and would prefer all printable documents to have a similar look.

I would also like to add calculated fields/columns to both document types, like fields to show old balance due for the customer then adding the invoice total to calculate the new balance due:

  • Invoice Total: 100$
  • Balance Due: 150$
  • New Balance Due: 250$

Also, it would be nice if we can create a Journal entry from the related invoice.


Templating will be soon extended to all printable content. First I want to improve support for sales invoice templates so it does everything people require.

I like your idea of adding calculated variables such as previous balance due to sales invoices. I’m now in the process of adding more variables and will probably add this one too.


I too would love to see more info in the sales invoice… In particular, replicating the “Amount Received” and “Balance Due” in the default invoice template.


New variables AmountReceived and BalanceDue added to the latest version (14.7.47)

Usage example

<div>Total: <span data-bind="text: Total"></span></div>
<div>Amount received: <span data-bind="text: AmountReceived"></span></div>
<div>Balance due: <span data-bind="text: BalanceDue"></span></div>