Writing numbers in word inside HTML theme and other variables

How can I write Total that was numeric in word in my custom invoice template ?

There is a variable called BalanceDueInWords so try to put into your HTML theme

<span data-bind="text: BalanceDueInWords"></span>
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Is there a variable for sales invoice items?

No, only for inventory items. But I’m actually going to allow sales invoice item name to show on default template (probably today) so if that’s the reason you need custom HTML theme, you might not need it after all.

I am trying different things on my HTML theme/template and noticed that the sales invoice items were empty in the item column. Could that be added to the HTML variable?

OK, I will add it sometime today.

Fantastic ! As always thanks for your lightning quick response.

What is the data bind variable for customer telephone and mobile number?

In the latest version (14.8.39), you can use CustomerTelephone and CustomerMobile variables.


<div data-bind="visible: CustomerTelephone.length > 0">
    Tel.: <span data-bind="text: CustomerTelephone"></span>


<div data-bind="visible: CustomerMobile.length > 0">
    Mob.: <span data-bind="text: CustomerMobile"></span>
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I have downloaded the latest version (14.8.39), the sales invoice item name is empty in the item column on custom invoice. Would it be possible to add the Invoice item name variable ?

Check the version (14.8.40). The Item variable has been just added.

Basic example

    <tbody data-bind="foreach: LineItems">
            <td data-bind="text: Item"></td>
            <td data-bind="text: UnitPrice"></td>
            <td data-bind="text: LineTotal"></td>
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Brilliant, thanks.

i can not see it . please help me

Do not reopen the old topics with unrelated things.

check the other threads with heading… "amount in words"
and find in the newer topics.
And if your base currency is INR then you will get it by default. else you can set the variable in the Custom HTML theme.