Html custom field

i would like to know how to add html custom field below invoice number a drop down list for delivery…?

Read about creating custom fields here:

The coding for positioning a specific custom field in a custom theme would be relatively sophisticated. If you don’t have the skills, you need to hire someone locally.

Typically, though, sales invoices don’t have delivery dates. They have due dates. Perhaps you should use a sales order, which does have a delivery date field.

is not deliver date… is for delivery by driver… i get to create the drop down list but is not quite suitable that is appear bottom of the invoice…

get what i mean rite. ?

yeah… under invoice number for “delivered by who or which vehicle” as far as I know, like tut said you need to hired someone who knows ‘liquid’ program language in template otherwise no. you were looking something like tracking for logistics whether the item is delivered or not and to know who delivered.

Yes, I get what you mean. It doesn’t make any difference what the content of the custom field is. It will be at the bottom unless you create a custom theme that puts it somewhere else.

hmm… is ok then … i will try to get info regard this… in my country delivery wont be showing below of the invoice… it will be show after the invoice no… ill see what can be done to that…

thr is some question need u guys to guide me… 1st - would like to know how to record for petty cash…? i have 3 person who have petty cash…

2nd - is there any update for the sales report by customer, inventory and tracking code…?

currently im having a big mess for the sales report… cant get the sale report by customer in manager… i need to bring all of the invoice n delivery note to match every each of it do report… tried…TT

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