How to view Payees in the exports section

I used to be able to view Payees when I click the Export option. Now I am unable to view the Payees in the export section. The only way I can view them is by clicking individually.

I normally export them to do a mail merge to consolidate with the physical Petty Cash invoice receipts.

Please Help!

Unfortunately this maybe another one of the negative impacts resulting from the remodelling of the GL engine, or whatever is the correct terminology.

If you search the forum you will find other instances where there use to be, by default, certain data available but that no longer occurs.

This is the challenge I wrote about in another topic. This user wants to see payees. Another wants reference numbers and worries about sort order. A third wants original issue dates after edits. A fourth wants inventory item descriptions. That is just in the last week. No matter what is shown, someone will want something else. That is what prompts the developer’s work on custom reports.

Is there a way then, to download a previous desktop version of
So that I can view payees by uploading the backup there.

The major problem however is not that “it shows this, I want it to show that”, especially as in this case, it’s that the content of the reports change.

Yes there is the issue that people want to see something different than what is presently available, but if you’re going to accommodate those users, other users shouldn’t be left out in the cold.

Perhaps “old” reports should/could be made available in another area of the reports section?

I realise this involves not only the query but the report layout, but the problems I am encountering now are exacerbated by the fact if I click on the links in the two generated reports*, they take me completely different parts of the database which naturally gives different results.

* for me, it’s clicking on the same account in the same location of the summary tab but in different versions of the application

Of all things, reports are something that should in as far as possible remain consistent (after data integrity).

Having come back to the forums this week for my problem I am seeing that the improvements to the General Ledger Engine have created a lot more “bugs as feature” and “report breaking” problems than it possibly fixed. I wonder how many new users will be dropping by?

I don’t believe it is supported to download and use old versions because the database you will be using will have been converted to run with the latest version. Opening even a backup of the current database with an old version would result in it not being able to use the database as it currently stands because of those changes over time.

Once again you have completely mis interrupted the topic - it has nothing to do with User wants.

It is all about how Manager use to provide a particular data presentation - I used to be able to view Payees - and Users created their workflow around that data presentation. Manager has now removed / changed that previous data presentation - Now I am unable to view the Payees - so that the Users previous workflow has now been disrupted.

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No, I did not. This topic is about nothing except what a user wants—to view payees. Look at the title. Read the first two sentences. Just what do you think the topic is about if not a user wanting the old content back?

More like something a user had which has been taken away.


Consistency. No one minds having new and an improved manager, or extra features, but we do mind changing what we come to rely on.

True, and again, consistency. You can’t please everyone all the time. But this user isn’t asking for something new, they’re specifically asking how to get back a feature they once relied upon.

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Exactly what I said.

Exactly. The user asked how to bring back a report/view they were using and you said you can’t please everyone. Not overly helpful.

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It seems that nothing from the team is not going to find a simple solution for my issue. As d3mad said it right “I AM NOT ASKING FOR SOMETHING NEW, JUST WANT TO GET BACK OR ANOTHER METHOD/OPTION TO VIEW AN OLD FEATURE THAT I RELIED UPON”.

From the tone of the replies of the author I feel very disappointed and rather than accommodate he wants to have only his selfish way.

Really sad, I came to this forum for help and get shut down by the insensitive “TUT” of misnaming my title ???

So I have decided to change to another platform for accounting.

By the way, how do we stop the cloud subscription for

Well looks like time I change to another platform for accounting

It is important everyone uses the platform they are most comfortable with. Sorry to see you go. I do hope you find your new accounting platform better than Manager.

You do realize that it is extremely likely the functionality you are looking for will be available in Manager in the near future. Lubos rapidly improving the software to provide the sort of functionality you want but also different functionality other users want. A major upgrade, but unfortunately the larger the improvement, the higher the probability of users being effected by the change.

The problem is that Manager was the most comfortable platform, at least it was for me.
I’m not against implementing change, just not in dribs and drabs while ‘breaking’ the current working model like what is happening at present
Put the reports back to the way they were while experimenting with the introduction of custom reports.
It would be nice to see the formula the program uses for the current reports and then allow us to import them and customize them, just like themes do. Maybe something for the ideas category???


How about a custom report?

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Here here.

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Totally nailed it bro, Well Said!