How to verify whether a invoice is made for a particular sales order


I am using a desktop version on MAC. I want to know whether invoice has been posted for a particular sales order or to verify the invoices that are not yet issued for various sales order. In some cases we have different payment milestones and we may issue multiple invoices for a particular sales order, hence I want to know how many invoices have been posted for a particular sales order.

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when you fill the Order number field in Sales Invoice or use Copy To function from a Sales Order, it will appear as a column in your Sales Invoices tab. you can then click on the column heading to sort the invoices by their Order number.

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Is it helpful for you?

My concern is whether by clicking a sales order list, can we verify whether an invoice has been made for the particular order. If yes whether how many invoices had been made. For instance I have LSTK order where I need to provide material as well as services, and I have different payment milestones (eg 30% on material delivery, 60% on installation works, 10% on Testing etc). I may deliver the material then make an invoice of 30% then wait for installation completion etc. So at any particular stage by just checking sales order can we verify the invoices raised…

You cannot do that directly. Sales invoice references are not a field on the sales order form. However, if you set up a custom field (or more than one custom field) on the sales order and enter the sales invoice number(s) there, designating them to show as columns, the sales order list would then show sales invoices created for each sales order. You will need to maintain the discipline of going back to the sales order to enter sales invoice numbers, because the entry will not be automatic.

In the Sales Invoices tab you can see a column for Sales Orders and how matches to sales invoices if there are more than one Invoice per Sales Order. If that is not enough this table and also the table in the Sales Order tab can be exported to a spreadsheet to process further and see total amount of invoices belonging to each Sales Order.


Noted and thanks for the support…:+1:

@Asimirza you can also add a new Custom Field for Sales Orders like “Sales Order Reference” having the same Reference as in top of the Sales Order. This input is for the Custom Field is only made once when the Sales Order is made.


Also adding a new Custom Field to Sales Invoices with the exact same name, then each time a Sales Order is copied to new Sales Invoice for each milestone of the Sales Order the contents of this new field will also be copied, here “3”. This new custom field can be used in Custom reports for Sales Invoices (see picture below) as the inbuilt field for Sales Order reference does not come up as an option in Custom reports but hopefully @Lubos will add



That’s a clever use of the program’s copying of identically named custom fields, @Tor.

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