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Hi Lubos,

I can’t seem to start a thread in the Forum section, I can’t find any info in the Guide section on how to use it either. Can you please kindly provide some guidance.

I am new to this software, and I am a little confused. For a simple transaction, initial investment into a non for profit company, I thought the journal entry would simply be debit cash (A) and credit Member Capital (SE). When I inputted that JE, there are no error messages, however, on the summary tab, nothing is showing up on the balance sheet. What is the reason for that?

Thanks in advance for your help,


On the main Forum page, near the upper right corner, there is a +New Topic button. (Meanwhile, I’ve moved your question to a new thread.)

All transactions involving the movement of money must occur in the Cash Accounts tab. None can be entered with journal entries. Procedures for receiving capital contributions are described in this Guide:

Thank you Tut. There wasn’t an option to me earlier to start a New Topic, but it is now.
Thanks for your feedback.


I think your new member restrictions just expired.

Ahh, didn’t know I there was a new member restriction. Thanks.