as i am new in business, how i can use this software.
from where i can download the templates for batch create

You can use this software by reading the Guides first

May I ask about accounting journal entries?
bank charges debt credit etc…

Yes you can, what is the question?

Before you will be able to use Manager effectively, you must understand double-entry accounting, at least at a basic level. I recommend starting at It is free and provides good examples. Also, create a test company to experiment with. Don’t use your actual financial records to learn the program, because you will probably make mistakes as you learn.

hi! about accounting entries of initial investment? where should it reflect? especially if there’s cash investment. is it on the journal entry or cash accounts?

You should really ask a new and your own question as it’s unrelated to this question.

Have a look at this question for a brief outline:

ok… i haven’t read all the questions and comments as i am new to this software. really, that is usually a question of a beginner.

anyway, thanks for the info

me too! :smiley: I’ve only been here a few weeks myself and I’m finding it amazing, as I’m sure you will too.

I only meant it in the sense that the search here is pretty good and will give heaps of results.

You’re welcome. Good luck!