How to use in manufacturing business where final product is formulation

We make a flavored drink. I am using production order feature of this software to make entry of inventory items used in production. Our drink uses 100 ml lemon juice, 10 ml flavoring, 5 ml preservative and 150 gm sugar. We make final product quantity as demanded by costumer and quantity is different every time. Can this software modified so that whatever quantity final product we make we need not make entry of raw materials every time but software automatically makes entry. like if we make entry of 1000 ltr drink software itself reduces 100000 ml lemon juice, 10000 ml flavoring, 5000 ml preservative and 150000 gm sugar.

Your suggestion is already in the ideas category. Meanwhile, you can clone production orders with similar quantities. You could also use a production order with a basic quantity and edit it by entering calculations in the various fields.