How can i save a Recipe or Production Orders

I am exploring the capabilities of Manager in a Restaurant business. The menu products which have a recipe I have created as Inventory Kits, however there are other menu products with some ingredients which have to undergo a preparation or production process. I understand that i can create Production orders for this step, but I find it cumbersome that for every Finished item of a production order, I have to update the quantity of each Inventory Item used in the bill of material, a process that can be minimized if I can save a Recipe for a Finished item, such that all I need is to state the quantity for a finished item i need in my production order and then the quantities of the bill of materials are updated according to the recipe.

Unless if i have missed something

The closest you can get is to clone a previous production order.

I urge you to search the forum for discussions of inventory usage in the restaurant business. You may be going through a tremendous amount of work for little benefit, because you do not stock the finished product for later sale.

Cloning a previous order is the closest true, but the challenge is when u change the quantity on the finished item u still have to go through all the items in the bill of materials to update the quantities of each.

The finished items that i do not stock i have created as inventory kits, and that has saved a whole lot of time, because for this one unlike a production order, it does save the bill of materials as more like a recipe, and all i need to do is state the quantity of kits sold, no problem with stock management

The request for being able to save bills of materials for production orders is already in the ideas category.