How to take % of Total in Invoice etcc Tax Deduction

Actually I live in Sweden so here Invoice items are different. First I need SUBTOTAL then take VAT 25% then will come Total so 50% of Total will pay customer and 50% will pay govt. I need to make one more box of 50% Benefit. So I’m looking for how to take % of Total so will come Net Payment.
In short how to do ADD, DIVISION, SUBTRACTION & MULTIPLY in Invoice???

I tried to find css code but couldn’t

Manager won’t do that. And I think you must be misunderstanding some aspect of Manager and how to use the tax features, because other Swedish users do not raise this issue. If you provide more detail, I believe someone will be able to help you.

Actully I want to do that That benefit, is not discount but this benefit from govt to private customer.I hope that I able to tell you properly. In short I want to add one more row in final payment which show Rut 30% and calculate that and then Net Payment come.

I know nothing about Swedish taxation. But there are built-in Swedish tax codes under Settings > Tax codes. Are you using them? And do you understand the procedures for indicating whether items are tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive on invoices? I am sorry, but I am not able to help any further.

Its not about taxation, I just want to create one more deduction from Total Price. can you tell me how its work tax css code work behind invoice as you can see its took 25% of subtotal and plus it so Total come at the end so just like that also want to take 30% of Total and deduct from it then Net Payment will come. If you guide me about little behind work, I will edit according to my wish? as you can see in this picture I made new box RUT 30% but its not deducting :confused:

Hi @mahmoodahmad89,

This is what I could find about your taxation issue.

Summary below:

Undeclared work accounts for about half of the total tax gap in Sweden and the country has taken important measures to tackle undeclared work, especially in sectors such as commerce, construction and other sectors with high cash urnover. From 8 December 2008, Swedish citizens can apply for a tax deduction amounting to 50% of the labour cost for renovations, repair, cleaning, maintenance work on homes, etc. This measure aims to boost employment and transforming undeclared work to legal work.

I can see three types of Moms taxes in Manager but no RUT.

Hej @Hans
Yes, That is Tax Deduction now you clear every thing for other. I couldn’t find how to explain my issue so Thanks for Clear it. Now do you have any solution for that how I should manage my Invoice according to that :confused: @lubos can you help me in this issue?

If you use a custom Sales invoice template, you might. The template uses Liquid for markup and tags. This might help you if you are somewhat familiar with HTML, see the following link. But I don’t know how to make the proper booking in manager for this tax issue.

Hej @Hans
Thanks dude you solved my issue and now I’m understand that language and customized my Invoice as I want :smile:

Glad I could help.

“Rut” is basically a variation of withholding tax except in this case customer doesn’t have to pay it. It can be still claimed by supplier.

Since Manager already supports withholding taxes, you can use the Withholding tax field on sales invoice form. Enter 30% rate and Manager will deduct it from balance due.