Recording of Invoice Item (Withholding Tax or Rut)

As I discussed in my previous topic about Rut (withholding tax) how to mention on Invoice which I created invoice according to my desire and its working awesome (Thanks @Hans) so Now again need help.
Rut % is tax advantage to my customer which he’s not liable to pay so that amount I will receive from Govt.
Procedure is that I will send one copy to customer and one copy to GOVT so Customer will pay 70% and Govt will pay 30%.
My question is how can I record that 30% in accounts becoz customer will pay 70% then still 30% will remain receivable until Govt don’t pay.

If you are using Withholding tax field on sales invoices, once customer pays 696.50 SEK, the invoice will be paid. The remainder 298.50 SEK will sit in Withholding tax receivable asset account.

The question is, will government actually pay you 30%? Or is it going to be used as an offset against your future tax liabilities?

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Government will pay 30%.
Description on RUT and ROT:

@lubos Yes, Govt will pay me remaining 30% to company account after then customer paid :slight_smile: actually that 30% is not tax. Its benefit from Govt when any private customer spend money on their house for maintenance and other things. Customer will just bear 70% and Govt will pay remaining.

OK, but I assume customer has to submit the invoice to government, not you. Is that correct?

Also, does government pay for each invoice separately or is it lump sum payment once a month, quarter or some other period?

No, I have to submit to Govt after every invoice separately. When I sent any invoice then as well I have to send to Govt then Govt will send that money to for every single invoice not limp sum payment…!

@lubos @Jan_Eric_Lindh
any body will help me in this case?

For the moment, I have no idea, it’s five years since I worked with ROT and I think the rules have changed since then. Sorry.