Witholding Tax Calculation


Is there a way to calculate the witholding tax from sub total instead of total.

So in my country for sales of services, there’ll be VAT 10% to customer and the customer will deduct 2% from the subtotal.

e.g. Sales = 100 VAT=10 What I’ll get is (10098%)+(10010%) but in manager when I tick the witholding tax it will deduct 2% from 100 +(100*10%)

The point here is that the Customer deducts the 2%, not you from the Invoice

Therefore you send the Invoice 100 + 10 = 110.
The Customer deducts the 2% from the 100 = 98 and adds the 10, so they send you 108.

When you do the Receive Money you put to Accounts Receivable + Customer + Invoice 110 so it’s fully paid and then you add a line with the Account = Withholding Tax and amount being -2 (note the minus) so the total becomes 108 and you have captured the Withholding Tax