Custom Reports in Transaction Currency

When creating custom report it gives results in base currency, but sometimes you require reports to show the transaction currency.

Is it possible? How?

You need to furnish more details. Show the Edit screen for your custom report. The report is only going to show what is in the database.

Base currency is USD, Payslips are generated in AED currency.

I would like the report to show results in AED currency of generated payslips, but instead the it is appearing in USD.

You won’t be able to do this, because payslips are converted to and stored in the base currency in the general ledger. There are no actual payslip transactions in the foreign currency.

A better way to get a report in the foreign currency might be to search the Payslips tab for the foreign currency indicator and export. That is much less trouble than creating a custom report, especially one that cannot include the information you want.

You can also search by employee name for someone who is denominated in the foreign currency and export that employee’s payslips.