Ability to show original currency in addition to base currency

It would be very useful to be able to see, for example, the “Employees clearing account” balance per employee in each currency used for their payslips. Same for expense claims sub-accounts (which I think should be allowed to be merged with the employees clearing sub-accounts, especially as right now there is NO way to display the total owed to each payee!).

And of course, if you have a loan account in a different currency, it is important to be able to see the balance due in the original currency as well to know how much needs to be repaid.

Finally, adding an option to show the original currencies in the general ledger transactions report would be extremely useful as well to check all entries.


Original currencies with exchange rates used are already showing in general ledger where applicable.

For customers, suppliers, bank accounts and cash accounts denominated in foreign currencies, you can see their balances in foreign currencies under respective tabs.

Employee and expense claims accounts are at the moment denominated in base currency only so showing balances in foreign currency is not applicable here (yet).

However, you are right that if you create general ledger account denominated in foreign currency, there is nowhere in the system to be able to see the balance in foreign currency for this account. I will need to look into this.

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Same ‘problem’ here. I have created some accounts through the Chart of Accounts option of the Settings tab, but none of them are showing balances or transactions in the original currency.

Good point. If you create foreign-currency balance sheet account directly in your Chart of Accounts, there is no place to actually view ledger of this account in foreign currency (like you can do it for cash accounts, customers, suppliers, employees etc.)

I will address this issue sometime this week.

OK, here is the solution. In the end, I decided to phase out ability to set foreign currency on balance sheet accounts. Mostly because there is no good way to view balances in foreign currency anywhere.

If you need to create balance sheet accounts in foreign currency, enable Special Accounts tab. This will let you create foreign currency accounts (e.g. loan accounts) and will let you view their balance/ledger in their foreign currency.

See: [16.8.41] Added ability to create custom subsidiary ledgers

If you already have foreign currency accounts created in your chart of accounts, these accounts will be automatically converted to special accounts.

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Just a quick note — converted foreign currency accounts are not showing starting balances in their own currency, but the base one. Take a look at the attached screenshots.

The opening balance should be BTC 2.39610, not EUR 2.39610. And changing account settings through the edit options does not solve the problem.

@Pla, thanks. This is fixed in the latest version.

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