Customer Purchase History

Hey Support & pals,
We are using Peachtree accounting software before we switch to manager accounting software and sincerely we really enjoy the wonderful technology with software. But we want advance update to view list of an item purchase by customer and their qty purchased with total price.
Secondly, in customer transaction, we need to be able to set date from specific period to specific period

This will be really helpful to our business and I believe a lot of business owners using manager package will also be grateful for having such option.

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I guess this can be done by using a custom report.

That option is already present:


I know this function but I mean it should be enabled when viewing customer statement. check the attached image. That is the perfect place

Please explain how to use custom report to do that

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That is not how Manager works anywhere. View screens are the result of inputs. Edit screens (or, in the case of statements, list settings) are where all inputs are made.

Please search the forum and read the corresponding guide. The FAQ says you should try it yourself first and then post the result if you want help.