How can I make inventory as a manufacturer

I am a manufacturers and I am facing a problem to maintain inventory in manager. There are so many raw material which I use in our manufacturers unit. How can I manage tham in account.

What problems are you facing ?

Normally you would give each raw material its own Inventory Item where you post the purchases.
To convert the raw materials into finished goods you would use Production Orders

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Thanks Brucanna for the suggestion
can you provide me a tutorial video link about manager ??

Dear Brucanna
Please Tell Me also that how can i customised bill format according to GST

There are no tutorial videos - but you can read the Guides.

First to you have to select your country’s tax under Settings - Tax Rate

You can follow the discussion regarding GST at below link.

how can i generate triplicate invoice in manager??

Its not have triplicate Heading. You can simply print a copy three times. OR make a photo copy of Invoice… and if you have required heading triplicate or anything like that then you can do it by manually writing on the paper.