How to Separate Item # (numerical) from the description characters

Hi, how do I get back the old ‘Code’ column used in previous versions?
The current Item column displays the SKU # and part of the description. It is on all Sales Orders, Quotes, and Receipts



Thanking you in advance

Currently this is not possible but there will be solution soon that will be consistent with the direction the program is taking.

Basically the idea is so the Edit screen and View screens do look as close as possible. Right now, since there is singular field for Item, it shows like that on View screen too.

But I do have new idea in mind that will provide greater flexibility while Edit and View screens remaining still consistent.

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@Chaminda_Taleyratne can you please try to edit in the inventory item>edit one of the inventory item by selecting “Hide item name on printed documents” and try a sample with that inventory item on a new sample invoice. Hopefully the item code only will be appear there. If you want the item name to be filled automatically in the description column, that one also you can get by selecting “Autofill — Line description” and fill it.

I’m not sure that it will be the solution for your original issue. but just my thought only.

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@Shan Thank You! Yes, it worked …I changed one inventory item and it now displays as item code only. Perfect! 965 records to go. :frowning:

Hi @lubos is there a way we can revert to an older version of Manager on the desktop?

You should consider a batch update and make the changes in a spreadsheet application such as Excel or Numbers.

and still you will have the problem with the column width

Not really, did you try?

many times. the code-item column width, is unreasonable large

This is different from your OP so you should have started a new post. And the answer is, as nearly always, already available in the releases email of 12 July 2022 as well as in the forum in this post by the developer.

@Chaminda_Taleyratne Please note as @Mark said you must create a new post for a new topic
For the issue you posted here:
you should not select any item for a delivery charges,
To add delivery charges in the invoice, select “other income”(if you have this account already if not sales) in the account column.