Separate Item Name and Item Code into Two Columns on Purchase Invoices


Is there a way to separate Item Code and Item Name into two separate columns on Purchase Invoices? I note that on Sales Invoices, there is one column for Item Code and one column for Item Name.

On purchase invoices however, there is one column for Item (it includes item code AND item name next to each other) and one column for description.

Can this be changed somehow?

Unfortunately I need to copy item codes into another document. When item code is separated from item name, I just need to double click to select the item code text and can then copy it.

When Item Code and Item Name are together, double clicking selects the entire line. I therefore need to manually select and drag the cursor over the item code, which is prone to error and takes much more time.

Some advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Unfortunately, you are on the wrong side of development direction, @whereskarlo. Your description of sales invoices applies to the old layout. The new layout combines the code and item name. Here is an example, where one inventory item includes a code and the other does not.

Old sales invoice layout:

New sales invoice layout:

This is a result of necessary compromises. Many users demanded item names, because they do not use descriptions. Others demand sufficient space for lengthy descriptions. And requirements in some jurisdictions to show tax amounts per line item in addition to tax code ID leads to proliferation of columns.

The availability of the old layout for sales invoices only is a temporary feature while details of the new layout are adjusted. Temporarily, selection of the new layout for sales invoices is controlled by a checkbox. But that option will soon disappear and layouts will be standardized across all transaction forms, varying somewhat depending on whether the transactions are tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive.

Wouldn’t it be better if users could choose which columns to display in the settings or form defaults for invoices? Item codes (or SKUs) are used worldwide for business and would benefit from being selectable / copyable without truncating them with item names.

There is no export functionality for invoices, and selecting and copying/pasting still combines SKU and name when pasting into a spreadsheet program.

For businesses placing frequent and large purchase orders, it is important to be able to automate as much as possible. I really recommend you to think hard about this because it can hinder businesses from using manager if this component relies on manual selection instead of more automatic operations.

An export functionality or ability to select columns would be optimal. What do you think?

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I don’t know what you are referring to. What is being truncated?

What, specifically, do you mean by “export functionality?” That is a very broad statement. There are lots of things you can do with invoices.

What “component” are you referring to?

I wholeheatedly agree with @whereskarlo
On purchase orders and Payments I need to display the information required by my supplier which is the Code and the Item Name e.g. NaCl for Code and Sodium Chloride for Item Name (no need for Item Description)
On Sales Invoices and Receipts I need to display Code and Description e.g. NaCl for Code and Salt for Description (no need for Item Name)
All three are necessary but not always (for me hardly ever) at the same time so being able to select what appears on each of the forms is a must.